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Charles Birshaw in Studio

In everything I do I believe in thinking differently.
I do this by creating products, brands and experiences which are beautiful, innovative and meaningful.

Charles Birshaw (full name, Charley Bircumshaw), is a London based industrial designer focused on product and footwear innovation. Having studied industrial design at Loughborough University, he now spends his days at Layer design studio working with some of the worlds biggest brands on their future products. He uses the "Charles Birshaw" name as a vehical to explore the boundaries of design through his own personal projects and collaborations with brands, designers, engineers or artists that share his vision for a brighter tomorrow.

Charles Birshaw kickstarted his career as a multi-disciplinary designer working within a London based branding agency creating campaigns for global clients in the consumer electronics, entertainment and fashion industries. Charley moved on to work as head of product and marketing for the innovative UK headphone start-up, Tzuka, while completing his studies at Loughborough University. During 2020 and 2021, he went on to lead medical and FMCG product design projects for global clients at the Bristol based design consultancy Crux.

Birshaw is now based back in London, focused on creating consumer products and experiences at the studio, Layer, along side Benjamin Hubert and the talented design team. Through his work he aims to push the boundaries of design to create the beautiful, considered and innovative products that consumers want in a way the planet needs. 

To find out more check out all socials.

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