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Charles Birshaw x Vitamin Living - K-Lamp Hero

Vitamin Living x CHARLES BIRSHAW

K-Lamp Remade Collection

[ Re-imagining an icon through cross-disciplinary exploration ]

The Remade collection is a reinterpretation of the iconic K-Lamp by Vitamin Living, giving a second life to upcycled denim textile to form the unique silhouette. Each lamp is constructed from two single pieces of denim, wrapped around two PCR [post-consumer resin] components, stitched and held together with accent stitching and a branded aluminium pin at the rear of the lamp.

The design project explores the intersection of industrial design, CMF design and fashion design to re-imagine and elevate homeware pieces through unique sensorial moments, using materials that were traditionally regarded as waste.

Using pattern making techniques from our footwear projects, the lamps unique three-dimensional form was able to be created from the cuts of denim. This enabled a softened material palette to be used, bringing memorable moments of textural interaction.

"The aim for this collection was to highlight how, as designers, we can make use and bring new life to waste materials and produce products that are just as desirable as virgin alternatives."


Charles Birshaw


Consumer Tech
Soft goods






Industrial design
Colour, material and finish
Art direction



Winner of Design Burger & Vitamin Living design competition

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