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OneBrush / Electric Toothbrush

A contemporary electric toothbrush and carry case, with wireless charging and UV sterilisation, that redefines premium oral healthcare through circular design.

OneBrush is a contemporary take on the electric toothbrush with a focus on premium materials, circular construction and fuss-free charging. The toothbrush design revolves around a satin finish, recycled aluminium handle that encases the electronics; which includes haptic motor, battery and induction charging coil. The removable brush head design allows users to customise the brush to their specific needs while minimising material waste by reducing the amount of plastic that is disposed of when the heads reach their end of life. A simple intensity rocker on the handle controls the micro-vibrating bristles for an intuitive and thorough clean.

Most electric toothbrush designs require users to take their wet or messy toothbrush out of the bathroom to charge if they do not have power outlets available. Alongside this current charging docks are unstable and undesirable, leaving lots to be desired. The ONEBRUSH case wirelessly charges the brush while simultaneously sterilising the head, keeping the brush powered, clean, protected and ready to use whether at home or on the go.

The aim of the design was to refine the product down to its core elements, leaving only the necessary and the desired.

The charging case is a simple and elegant solution that answers the problem of needing to take your messy toothbrush out of the bathroom to charge.


Charles Birshaw


Consumer Tech
Oral Healthcare






Strategic research
Industrial design
Colour, material and finish
Art direction

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