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Herman Miller x CHARLES BIRSHAW / Sayl Fold

[ A vision for the future of home office furniture ]

The projects envisions the future of Herman Miller Sayl Chair, showcasing the interpretation of the future of living, working and gaming through the product.

Flexible Spaces - Homes have now become places of work, new workout spaces and also the places users socualize and relax, all while getting smaller on average. This means that furniture needs to be optimized to meet these needs.

New forms of entertainment - Users need chairs that can allow them to do more and this Sayl chair lets them maximize their space whether they are working, playing games at their desk or chilling in a VR universe.

An adapting industry - Furniture design has seen a shift since the pandemic and brands are pivoting towards making pieces that modular, flexible, multifunctional and above all, space-savers.

The design is a foldable, space saving Sayl chair that allowd users to maximise their space whether they are working, playing games at their desk or in the next VR universe.

A neutral colour palette fits into any interior space, elevated by premium sustainable materials such as biofabricated leather and brushed aluminium. A single accent colour highlights the interaction points in a friendly and inviting manor.


Charles Birshaw








Industrial design
Colour, material and finish
Art direction



Winner of Herman Miller design competition

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