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Vita™ Health Hub

Reimagining healthy living through AI smart assistance, aiding the implementation and longevity of healthy eating habits so users can improve their physical wellbeing.

Vita is a kitchen assistant, powered by AI, that sits at the heart of the home making it easier than ever to purchase, prepare, cook, portion and track healthy foods. The assistant utilises personal profiles to calculates healthy diet plans based on optimal calorie consumption, portion sizes and best foods to eat, while tracking user eating habits and routines as they cook. By selecting who they are cooking for Vita helps the user to optimise the quantities of food needed, meaning everyone in the home gets the perfect size meal for them while reducing excess food that would go to increase weight gain or waste.

The health hub can be controlled through the intuitive touch screen and by voice, allowing users to navigate through the UI and control the product in any kitchen scenario no matter how messy. The smart chopping board uses built in force sensors allowing it to weigh and provide real time nutritional information on the foods placed upon it, helping educate users while they cook and integrated wireless charging means it is ready to use whenever it is time to cook.


Charles Birshaw


Consumer Tech


Health & Wellness




Strategic research
Industrial design
Colour, material and finish
Design for manufacture
Art direction

Business Strategy

"For me design is about creating products that can not only improve peoples health and wellbeing but also fit their lifestyle and be delivered at a price they can afford. Vita is one of those products."

Charles Birshaw

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